Walkify - Explore hikes and walks across the world


Walkify is a web application that helps people find walks near them and across the world. It allows people to browse walks by location (e.g. country) or by distance (e.g. within 10km of Leeds) and allows people to upload their own walks in GPX format.

It was a weekend project meaning I designed, built and launched it over a couple of days. The frontend is a single page application built with Vue.js, the backend API is built in Laravel and it’s all deployed on a DigitalOcean droplet.

The whole site revolves around GPX files. A GPX file contains a list of longitude and latitude coordinates that a map can plot and connect to show a route.

The entire navigation is automatically generated by finding the bounds of a route by calculating the most northerly, easterly, southerly and westerly coordinates. Finding the center coordinate from the bounds. Performing a reverse geocoding lookup to find the address of the center coordinate. The GPX’s are then categorised by properties of the address response, such as country and county. I then use Flickr’s API to find a creative commons image close to the center coordinate.