Postkit - Image Generation API


Postkit is an image generation platform that allows you to build templates using CSS and then generate images from them programmatically. This can be done through a dynamically generated form (which are shareable with your team), URLs (for OpenGraph, Buffer etc) or API (the limits of your imagination).

The idea

The idea of Postkit came from a side project of mine. I wanted to automatically Tweet a tip out every day that would help freelancers. I wanted to share these tips in the form of an image, to create more visual interest and make the tips more sharable. I, therefore, built a small script that would generate the image and post it to Twitter.

I began using the script for more projects, generating social media images, generating blog thumbnails, generating OpenGraph tags. If I could automate it, I would.

I decided to turn that bloated little script, that takes hours to set up, into a platform.